About Us

The Mentoring Company was established by Paul Ebbels, with the goal of supplying a unique and rewarding approach to business, career and personal development.

Throughout his career as a Senior Manager and business owner in several diverse industries, it became clear that although people are offered a wide variety of career tools to assist in developing their business or career, they often do not have the effective communication skills to utilise these tools. This is where The Mentoring Company steps in.

We begin with the Advance communication and empowerment program within the mentoring session, learning a unique communication technique, practiced by a fraction of people in the world with outstanding results, the technique enables people to advance their business or career. Once you master the communication strategy, we motivate your staff to greater achievements by empowering them to succeed no matter what their role is in the company. On a career level, these techniques will enable you to grow within the company you work in and you will always know where you stand by communicating a specific way that will embrace your employer and in turn advance your career, we guarantee it.

The Mentoring Company’s mentoring program is designed to assist anyone wanting to develop their business, career or personal development.

Working with a mentor enables you to share ideas, ambitions and strategies with people who have extensive experience in a professional business environment, and therefore can offer valuable advice and feedback.

Is your staff coming to work just to get paid or to also make a difference? What would have to happen for them to come to work motivated to make a difference? Are you in a job you hate are you being rewarded for your performance ? Our mentoring program explores this and more to ensure your business and career is operating as efficiently and effectively as possible and to your full potential.

The Mentoring Company conducts a number of different mentoring programs; please refer to our mentoring programs page for more information on a mentoring session that is suitable for you. Learn how to stay in front of every conversation every time using our unique strategy. The techniques can be applied to your personal, academic, business and professional life. Get the edge by using a technique that only a fraction of people in the world use.

At The Mentoring Company we operate by the philosophy that “Success is a Journey, not a Destination” and as such, we strive to assist you and partner with you on your journey to realise your ambitions.


Paul Ebbels Chief Business Mentor

Founder The Mentoring Company



For more information or to book please contact us on;

Mobile 0400 083 549.  Email paul@mentoringcompany.com.au